It’s EZ-pass ease.
Brought to parking.

A cross between daily parking and monthly permits, our digital parking pass makes it easier and more affordable for you and your customers.
Now you can…

✓ Increase sales and generate upfront revenue
✓ Give customers a safe, contactless way to pay
✓ Drive uptake with increased compliance & flexibility
✓ Save on resource & labor costs related to manual permits
✓ Minimize credit card processing fees

Gone are the days of manual, inefficient scratch cards.
Hello, digital convenience. Hello, HonkPASS!

100% Flexible

You – the operator – have full reigns and control to configure and change rates and availability. With digital, you’re back in the driver’s seat! 

Safe & Contactless

Give your customers the safest, cleanest and easiest way to pay for parking. Convenience drives uptake and compliance.

Data & Reporting

Get real-time data on redemption and usage of all parking credits. Truly understand how, when, and where each of your customers is parking.

Money Talks

Collect funds up front, and save on individual credit card processing fees. How’s that for a guaranteed revenue generator?

Find out more about our digital flexible parking pass.

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